November 15, 2022 Zenobia D'Souza

Women Empowerment!

As we see in many Music Video’s such as “Ain’t Your Mama” by Jennifer Lopez, “Run the World” – Beyonce  & Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband” etc., gone are the days of old where women stay in the kitchen, left behind closed doors, illiterate etc.

These songs that give a firm “no” to men who enforce barriers, expect cooking and cleaning, or try too seduce girls.

We have unrealistic expectations of ourselves; we can NOT do it all. We don’t have to juggle work and all household responsibilities. Instead, do what you enjoy and are good at, delegate the rest to your partner, and/or hire someone to help. This is not admitting defeat (to an unrealistic expectation) rather, it is empowering yourself to bring your best self to everything you do.

It’s an uprising/anthem for women dealing with man-children everywhere, and the music video ties it into larger issues of sexism contributing to these relationships.

Girls of today have excelled in many fields from Scientist to Astronauts. So what’s holding you back !!