Chief Technical Advisor

In an advisory role, with his rich experience in technology and client relations, Rohit guides the team in swift decision making and adherence to strict standards and operating protocols. His technical oversight and strategic advice ensure that the project outputs are high quality and consistent.

In case of any escalation,  he’s more than happy to intervene to bring the matter to an amicable closure.

  • Providing overall project advisory services and technical assistance to project managers, task managers, and other consultants
  • Overseeing the effective and high-quality implementation of project activities
  • Reducing risks
  • Cutting costs
  • Improving success rates

People & Product

Passionate about bridging people and product to solve real world problems through the digital medium. With a track record of leading company wide initiatives to tackle challenges and create opportunities for businesses through proof of concepts, and then bringing them to fruition.

Defined as a Solutions Architect with 15+ years experience in web development on open source technologies, currently specializing in data driven mobile solutions and business intelligence in the healthcare technology space.

Core Competencies:
– Agile Project Management
– Building and Maintaining Client Relations
– Team Building and Development
– Research and Development of latest trends in technology to assimilate into the business
– Automation of Processes and Tools for Business Management
– Translating client mockups into usable software
– Hands on expertise in developing varied types of web applications like blogs, content mngt. systems, single page applications and web services
– Synchronizing development, creative and QA resources for successful product delivery

PHP, mySQL, jQuery, d3, mongoDB, AWS cloud computing, Angular, Symfony, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, CodeIgniter, GIT, SVN, proficient on Windows and Linux systems.

Live, Laugh & Love!

All work and no play makes us all no fun!

Life’s short – let’s live it large. Come be a part of an exhilarating journey of discovering your business’ true potential while enjoying doing so. We have a lot of quotes to go with our culture here at Rohit Consultants, but “Live, Laugh, Love” is what we personify day in and out.

To reach the pinnacle of success definitely takes hard work, but why work hard when you can work smart with us. We are firm believers of employing smart ways to do something that would conventionally be hard work. We are the devil in the details when it comes to requirements gathering, making sure we device smart solutions in an iterative approach for faster deliveries and very rare failure rates.