November 15, 2022 Zenobia D'Souza

Men from Mars | Women from Venus

by John Gray

Food for thought- Learning from the world of Men & Women, with common relationship problem couples experience.

  • Women and men communicate differently and assign separate meanings to the same words-

As a man, you can focus on the feelings of women rather than their words alone. As a woman, you can stop trying so hard to find the hidden meaning behind men’s words because they’ll often say what they think, feel & mean anyway.

  • Men are motivated when they feel useful, women are inspired when they feel loved-

As a woman, you can show men that you trust them and let them help when they want to, so they’ll feel useful. As a man, you can repeatedly show women how much you love them to make them feel fulfilled. Its a relationship of Motivating each other.

  • Women want men to listen to them, while men desire solutions to problems.

As a man, you can let women talk without offering solutions and deal with your own issues later, give a listening ear. As a woman, you can wait for men to solve their problems by themselves until they feel better and relaxed.