November 9, 2022 Rohit D'Souza

Discipline is habit built over time

never back down

If you wanna do something, do something right! Else don’t do it at all.

People put too much emphasis on “discipline” and give it too much of a control on our lives. Discipline is however a habit adhered to over time. Habits take time – it’s not the 21 days doctor-fix-it patch that we associate it with. It is regular and diligent adherence depending on the habit we are trying to form. Something simple might take sooner but something more complex will take time. So don’t give up, stick to it and keep going.

And once a habit is formed it is unconscious and unthought of, like the way you brush your teeth, drive your car or look at your watch when you’re getting late or bored. It just happens.

Great people have learnt to master their habits to attain greatness, which we call highly discipline people are just simple individuals who have mastered the very vital habits to succeed in their area of expertise.

Let’s see how-to:

Say you wanna pick up Reading as a habit.

You start by setting a dedicated time say 11am for 15mins you pick up a book of your choice and read daily. Over time this will become a habit. All it takes is to start. The start is always the toughest; but once you do and you see the benefits, it will become second nature.

The trick is setting a routine – a dedicated time – and you will eventually stick with it. A habit formed!