November 10, 2022 Rohit D'Souza

A happy wife is a happy life

For any married man the most important priority should be his wife and all her needs. If you keep her happy she will make you her world. It’s a no brainer that women require emotional support and love unlike men who require good food and space.

The sooner you understand the difference between listening and understanding, you’re a lot closer to knowing what-women-want. You might have heard the dictum, there's sometimes a yes in every no; This is so much true, sometimes women are intimidated of expressing their true feelings or thoughts, lest they be judged by the one person they have made their everything. Everything for them is not just a word, it’s a lifestyle, they hang by every approval or rejection by this person. So be very attentive next time when your wife speaks; understand her, don’t just listen. Try to feel what she’s going through. And do not ever offer your advice until she asks. All the wife wants is to be heard not to be told what to do. Never tell her what to do, coz they will never do it.

Women just want love, that’s their drug.